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Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, appointments are available by video or telephone only at this time.

I am pleased to welcome you to my website which I hope will be of help as you consider your particular concerns and in selecting a therapist. For most of us, there are points in our life where we experience difficulty and pain, as well as confusion around how to make the kind of changes that we need. Some of this confusion arises out of our current circumstances, the social and cultural environment that we are in, and much is related to our earlier experiences. For all of us, there is our particular mixture of elements that make up who we are and how we respond to life. 

Psychotherapy is way of exploring our inner world, with the accompaniment of someone we learn to trust, as a way of finding a more satisfying way of living. It is not as much a process of particular techniques as it is a process of listening and paying attention to the meaning of one’s experience. As one’s psychotherapy progresses, it is my belief that one can find a more authentic way of being in the world, find more full and meaningful relationships, and better navigate the challenges that life creates for us.

While I hope that the information on this site will help you in your decision, I believe that it would be most useful for us to talk a bit as part of your decision. I invite you to contact me and arrange a preliminary phone consultation as the best way for us to share your needs and my approach.